Improved Confidence, Improved Focus and Improved Self esteem equal better grades

Martial arts is more than just kicking, punching and self defense. There are additional attributes that are taught to students that improve over all confidence, focus and self esteem.

Confidence/ Self confidence

Confidence is one the most important attributes we can teach our children today. If a child believes that they can accomplish and overcome difficult challenges the less likely they are to turn away or refuse to try. At Glenview ATA we teach our students the very first class three simple words ” YES I CAN” and we continue to reinforce that throughout their training. This helps to build a strong foundation for our future leaders.


Focus is an attribute that we hear parents ask “How do I get my child more focused”? Martial arts especially Taekwondo is designed to improve students focus by teaching of forms (Poom-Saes). It is a tradition that has been pass down from teacher to students for centuries and it teaches the student focus through a series of techniques that are performed in a certain pattern. Forms start off with a small number of techniques and progress to more challenging and longer forms. The forms training improves the Focus of students because they must concentrate and engage is different physical techniques that require hand eye coordination.

Self esteem

When one of our students at Glenview ATA shows the confidence and the focus to perform their training material in front of their Instructors and fellow students and do it well; there is an overcome of joy that builds their Self esteem beyond anything else. When your self esteem level is high, you are not afraid to try or accomplish anything

Children today are in need of these attributes to be successful leaders in the future. They must be able to learn  how to be focused, have confidence and have a high self esteem from an early age. Glenview ATA incorporates these attributes to their students academic life. To show its students that there is more they are learning then Kicking, Punching and Self defense.

So if you aren’t sure if your children are ready for school bring them to a FREE class and let Glenview ATA help you and your child be successful.