Womens Self Defense AD Mothers Day Womens Self Defense Seminar

Celebrate Mother’s day with Fitness and Safety! Join us for a great Self Defense workout on May 7th 1p – 3p and everyone who attend receives a FREE gift! Seminar open to all woman teenage age and older. Call 847-832-0900 to sign, Space is limited.

Train and learn from each other while bonding and building memories this Father’s day! All month of June fathers train for FREE! So dads get fit and learn how to reduce stress and enjoy time with your child. Call today!

Having trouble deciding what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Give the gift of Martial Arts. He can choose from 3 different programs: Taekwondo, Krav Maga, and ATA FIT / KIckboxing; All 3 programss are FREE for limited time. Offer Valid for the entire month of June and no previous experience is necessary. Don’t delay and call today […]

Kickboking Woman Fitness Growing in Fitness for Self Defense

Before you can understand how martial arts and combat training can help improve your fitness and health, it is important to understand what “fitness” really is. There are two essential aspects to your personal fitness. The first relates to your physiological well-being. In order for this aspect to be actualized, it is important for individuals […]