Hey have you reserved your Mother’s Day spot yet? Call 847-832-0900 to participate in our annual Mother’s Day Boot Camp and Self Defense Seminar at Glenview ATA 3210 West Lake Ave Glenview. It Cost $20 a person and we will be giving our special moms refreshments and treats afterward. So don’t delay and call today! […]

Glenview ATA Patch 2 e1496943372781 Next Regional class A Tournament in Naperville, IL.

At Naperville Yard Sports Complex on  April 6th – 7th starting. NO CLASSES so SIGN UP today!

This weekend will be rank testing weekend. All Recommended Black Belts and above will test on Friday 6/9/17 at 7:30 pm ( NO Beginner classes).

Martial Arts Class Sparring 280x190 Special Announcement

This is a Special Announcement Post