Are your children Halloween Smart?

ARE YOUR CHILDREN “Halloween Smart”?


The tips noted below will help prepare your children for a safer Halloween:

  1. Instruct your child to always TAKE A FRIEND when going trick or treating. It’s safer and more fun to be with your friends. Walk and ride in well-lit areas, and never take shortcuts. Stay aware of your surroundings and observe all traffic rules in place.
  1. There is safety in numbers, but it can still be dangerous for young children to walk alone. Parents walk with your children if possible. Always PROVIDE SUPERVISION for your young children to ensure their safe arrival to and from trick or treating.
  1. Your child should stay with a group. If anyone bothers your child while out at a Halloween party or while walking, you should teach him or her to get away from that person, and TELL you or another trusted adult. If an adult approaches your child for help or directions, remember that grownups needing help should not ask children for help; they should ask adults.
  1. Instruct your children to SAY NO if someone they don’t know or feel comfortable with offers a ride. Children should never hitchhike or accept a ride from someone unless you have told them it is okay.
  2. Instruct your children NOT TO EAT their bag of candy until properly inspected by a parent or trusted adult.


We hope these tips help you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween!