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Welcome to Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy website and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our martial arts instructor are standing by to assist you on enrolling into a program that is the perfect fit! Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy is located in beautiful Glenview, Illinois near the Northshore. We have a 5,000 ft facility where there is plenty of training space for each class. Glenview ATA offers, pre-school taekwondo kid classes, elementary aged kid programs, adult martial art classes and Krav Maga / Kickboxing classes.

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Al Herrera

Al Herrera

Glenview ATA is owned by Al Herrera (4th degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor).
Mr. Herrera has a passion for teaching Martial arts to students of all ages.

Andrew Baginski

Andrew Baginski

Assisting in teaching classes is Andrew Baginski (4th Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor). Mr. Baginski is a longtime Martial Arts practitioner and specializes in Xtreme Martial Arts, Weapons, and Tournament competition.

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