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Six Weeks of Classes for $69 plus FREE Uniform

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Glenview Program boxe Kids Home


High level activity is great for children
Greatly assists in their growth and development

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Glenview Program boxe Adults Home

Martial Arts
for Adults and Teens

Strength and motivation to make tough life choices
Learn real life practical applications as well as a system to de-stress from life

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Man in Krav Maga stance


Master threat neutralization, prevent danger
Stay in shape, increase focus and speed, and learn to defend yourself

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  • Glenview ATA Patch 2 e1496943372781 RANK TESTING THIS WEEKEND RANK TESTING THIS WEEKEND - This weekend will be rank testing weekend. All Recommended Black Belts and above will test on Friday 6/9/17 at 7:30 pm ...
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A Life Changing Decision

Huge thanks to the challenging staff of Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy, with their help, I no longer get bullied and tormented at school anymore. Now I have more control over the world around me, it was a life changing decision for me when I decided to sign up for Karate. Respect is important to Continue Reading

February 4, 2015

Testimonial 12 150x150 Home

Best thing I could do for my son!

Mr. H creates a positive attitude for all. It’s an investment for a child’s future and worth every penny!

May 7, 2015

Testimonial 13 150x150 Home

A wonderful experience!

We just celebrated my son’s 5th birthday with Mr. Herrera at ATA! Amazing! The kids had a blast, learned a lot, and Mr. Herrera was so patient and warm.

May 7, 2015

Testimonial 9 150x150 Home

Highly recommended!

What an incredible program for kids. My twin 5 year old daughters are in their Tiny Tigers program. As a teacher I appreciate the routine, the standards and gentle guidance and sincere encouragement the staff provides with a focus on respect, safety and excitement. My kids are learning about proper form, karate chopping, following directions, Continue Reading

May 7, 2015

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Glenview ATA

Message from school owner

Hello and Welcome to Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy. We have been teaching Taekwondo to students of all ages in the Glenview area since 2007. We proudly teach our students not just excellent martial arts but the Leadership skills needed to be tomorrow’s Leaders! Our team is standing by to schedule a visit to our facility for you and your family! See you soon!

Excellent Instructors!

Our Instructors are all Certified to teach Taekwnodo safely. We teach with energy and are all active practitioners. All have over 10 years experience working with students of all ages.

Awesome Training Facility!

Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy is unique and offers the perfect blend between traditional and modern martial arts. The training curriculum focus on three specific age groups; 1. Pre-school Kids, 2. Elementary Aged Kids, and 3. Teens & Adults. Glenview ATA offers a variety of specific programs for all fitness levels. Fill out a form today or give us a call Today!

Harness Your Natural Ability Through Martial Arts

There are a number of instances where most people have tried to learn a basic premise but failed to comprehend key facts. We see in this in Martial Arts all the time. Many instructors face certain challenges teaching and could have students who are confused or even overwhelmed by basic tenets of the subject in […]

Different Styles of Martial Arts

The world of martial arts is a diverse one, let take a look at a few of the more common styles around. There are so many different styles and different types of martial arts out there. How many of them are you familiar with? Well, if you want to test your martial arts general knowledge, […]

Goals and the importance of focus

A typical child can never focus on a sole task and that is because of their inherently less attention span. Children will do a dozen different things within a span of an hour. This trait is quite natural. A child finds the world around him or her extremely interesting and wants to experience anything new […]

Bullying Its Effects 214x320 1 Bullying and its effects

Bullying and its effects

Bullying affects everyone- from the person being bullied, to the person doing the crime and to those who silently witness such tactics. This activity is associated with a number of negative outcomes. It has a marked impact on substance abuse, suicide, and mental health. And that is why it is extremely important to ask children […]